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Applications for Summer 2024 are now closed. The next application will CHANGE to an ANNUAL application for the 2024-2025 academic school year. Watch PSC Announcements for more information.

Foundation Scholarship Facts

  • Foundation scholarships are need based.
  • Priority is given to students paying the PSC district tuition rate. Visit to view PSC’s district map.
  • In order to be considered, an applicant must be registered before an application is submitted.
  • On average, a Foundation scholarship covers up to 30% of a qualifying student’s out-of-pocket tuition and textbook costs.
  • Applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received. The response time varies, based on the number of applications in review. Applicants are notified via student email once a decision has been made.

Foundation Scholarship Eligibility – A scholarship applicant must:

  • Be registered before completing the scholarship application.
  • Be working towards earning their first degree and seeking that degree from PSC.
    Students who have already earned a degree will not be considered, unless they have been admitted into a selective admissions program at PSC. Visit for more information.
  • Have a current FAFSA on file in Financial Aid.
    If you are not able to complete a FAFSA, please email Susan Sebastian at to discuss.
  • Have a minimum 2.0 GPA.
    For those who don’t meet the minimum GPA requirement, email Susan Sebastian at to discuss.
  • Demonstrate financial need.

Before Starting a Foundation Scholarship Application:

New students must:

  • Apply for admission to Prairie State College at

New and returning students must:

  • Complete a FAFSA for the current academic year. Learn more at or contact the PSC Financial Aid Office at (708) 709-3735 or email
  • Meet with a PSC Academic Advisor to discuss program options and create an Academic Plan. More information can be found at
  • Register for classes at Changes in enrolled hours, class schedule, or required textbooks will delay an award offer for those who qualify.

Steps to Complete a PSC Foundation Scholarship Application

  • Go to
  • Click Scholarships
  • READ the Foundation Scholarship Facts and Eligibility.
  • Click Apply Now.
  • Click Sign In at the top right of the page.
  • Click Sign In With Your Institution.
  • Sign in using your PSC username and password provided by the PSC Information Technology Resources Department.
  • Complete the General Application as directed.
  • Once completed, do not randomly click on individual scholarships. Based on your application answers, the system will auto match you to any scholarships for which you qualify. Clicking on individual scholarships that you are not eligible for will delay your application’s review.
  • If you need to stop completing the application before it is finished, be sure to click Save.
  • Click Finish and Submit when completed.
    Once the application is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation. You may be asked to answer additional questions for recommended scholarships. Please follow the directions to do so to increase your chances of being offered an award.
    Applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received. The response time varies, based on the number of applications pending review. Applicants are notified via their student email once a decision has been made.

For questions, contact:
Susan Sebastian
Manager, Scholarships and Alumni Relations or (708) 709-7879

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